Vertical Farming & Precision Farming

Vertical agriculture

Our passion for agriculture 4.0 led us to set up the first aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia.

Aeroponic technology allows saving 90% to 95% water in comparison to conventional soil farming and about 35% to 40% compared to hydroponics.

Contrary to Hydroponics where the roots grow in a substrate immersed in a nutrient enriched water solution, when it comes to aeroponics, roots are suspended in the air and only receive water + nutrients in regular short intervals.

With aeroponic vertical farming, roots have 100% oxygen availability. As a result of this highly oxygenated environment, roots have an unparalleled ability to absorb nutrients. This translates in healthier plants featuring higher nutrient density than their counterparts grown hydroponically or conventionally in the soil.

Over 75% of the time, the roots are just hanging, dangling in the air thriving with an unlimited supply of oxygen! 

King Tower farm

Depending on the crops being grown, aeroponic Tower Farm technology also allows saving 75% to 90% space which is an important consideration when operating out of a greenhouse, indoors, or on a rooftop.

King Tower Farm is proud to be the first Tower Farm in Asia using Tower Garden® aeroponic technology.

We provide fully automated aeroponic Tower Farm turnkey solutions for the Asian market.

If interested to set up an Aeroponic Farm, please contact King Tower Farm and one of our representatives will help you out to customize precision farming solutions.

Precision Agriculture



King Tower Farm is the first vertical aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia. Located in the Philippines, we grow a wide range of flowers for our bee farm, and vegetables for the local community.


Water Savings

Our farm uses Tower Garden aeroponic technology which allows us to grow plants without the use of soil and use 95% less water than what’s required in soil-based farming. 


Nutrient Density

Our produce on average has 35% higher nutrient density compared to hydroponic crops and soil-based crops, we publish a scientific comparative study which proves this.


Space Savings

Our aeroponic towers use less space than traditional farming, allowing us to grow 36 plants per square meter. Vertical agriculture allows for better space efficiency of our farm


Yield Increase

In Aeroponics, roots are suspended in the air, allowing for a 100% oxygen availability to the roots, which maximizes the nutrient absorption rate, thereby increasing your yield.


Energy Savings

Our plants are spending 80% of their lives in the air, and being watered 12 minutes per hour. That means we are only using electricity for 20% of the entire day.


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Tower Farm

King Tower Farm is a certfied reseller for Tower Farm automated systems in Asia. If you are interested in owning or setting up an aeroponic Tower Farm in Asia, please fill this form and we will respond shortly.